Join us in celebrating our second annual UCI Giving Day!

Held on April 25, 2018, Giving Day is an opportunity for the Anteater family to come together and support the areas they are most interested in at UCI. On this day, we ask that you as UCI alumni, friends, parents, faculty and staff consider giving back to the university.

Want a reminder to give on April 25? Add to your calendar below or text REMINDME to 51-555 to receive a text message on UCI Giving Day.

Last year, UCI Staff helped generate over $1,000 in giving toward staff scholarships through Staff Assembly. With that, we were able to provide over 10 awardees with scholarship aid toward continuing their education and enrichment. Together with students, faculty, retirees and friends of the university, UCI Staff contributed toward the efforts of raising over $1.4 million within 24 hours. We are looking forward to a record-breaking year in 2018! Help us spread the word about UCI’s Giving Day to your networks, colleagues, and friends.  With over 10,000 UCI Staff, we can really make an impact!

Interested in becoming a Giving Day Ambassador? Sign up here: and save January 22nd on the calendar for ambassador training.