2019 UCI Staff Holiday Helping Hands Program

Need a helping hand for the holidays? Or are you fortunate to have enough to share?

UCI Staff Assembly’s Community Relations Committee, in conjunction with the UCI Ombudsman Office, sponsors the UCI Staff Holiday Helping Hands Program. The program provides an opportunity for members of the UCI community to lend a helping hand during the holidays to UCI staff members who are experiencing difficulty providing a holiday experience for their families. This confidential program will match staff who need assistance anonymously with those able to help.

We ask that you complete the appropriate form no later than November 4, 2019. Applicants submitting for assistance must hold a current staff position during the program duration.

Apply for assistance:

Application – English

Solicitud – Español – Formulario en Español, necesito ayuda

Volunteer to be a sponsor:

Sponsor – English

Patrocinador – Español – Formulario en Español, me gustaría ser un patrocinador

If you have questions, please contact: Helping Hands Committee Members Stephanie-Jean Hinojosa (949-824-4586) or Andrea Wiley (949-824-4706).